New year!!!!

Hoorah its the new year.. new beginnings and all of that.. erm yeah maybe not. Most people start getting healthy this time of year but not me I started a while back now iv had a couple problems to when I started (bad feet and bad knees) which kind of made it difficult for me but I kept with it and Im actually making good progress… iv got bigger muscles than I have ever had and feel a lot more healthier (not out of breathe just doing little things anymore) however Im still a pretty tired person all of the time… and I am starting to think the whole idea that the more active you are the less tired you feel is kind of wrong… it is right in some respects but I think that how tired you feel is more connected to your state of mind and if you suffer from depression you can be the healthiest and most active person around but still feel very tired.. all of the time.

Anyway 2015 hopefully will be a good year for me and I am for sure going to be keeping up with my exercises.

On another note crap google hasn’t even been indexing this blog so I am not even sure if anyone will ever find this blog seeing as though google has monopoly over the internet and finding sites stupid bastards!

I hate hacker/spammers!!! go die!

Iv just had to update one of my websites because it had a vulnerable wordpress plugin on it. I bought a theme from a site called themeforest (they have some pretty amazing themes over there) but it is rather annoying that I had to go and update all my theme and plugin files because a responsive slider plugin and this loop hole in it that meant moronic hackers could get in some how and rip the wp-config file that basically has your database user name and password in it… which is really not good! Once a site gets compromised retarded hackers then use your site to sell ugg boots on…… why? for seo! It is a constant worry all webmasters face and the hackers are doing it more and more! Even if your site doesn’t get hacked the hacker spammer wont stop their at pissing people off Oh no they will randomly rip whole website content they find and post it on the hacked pages (millions of them)… this happened to one of my eCommerce sites that was then penalized for duplicate content issues by gogole and my businesses ruined because some retard from china wanted to use my sentences over and over again on hacked pages along with other peoples sentences!!!!! If I ever met one of these hacker/spammer I would break their neck! Lucky for them they use private or fake whois information on their counterfeit spam websites! But this is a warning for anyone thinking of doing this kind of thing.. If you do it to my sites I report your sites to google, the brands you are ripping off and to the authorities and continue to do so until you stop using my content.

Search engines suck!

So many of us are hating google at the moment for ruining small business but other search engines are no better if not even worse!

I did a simple product search on yahoo  and all the organic listings are way way below the fold and I had to scroll down….. I think they were organic listings I couldn’t tell whatsoever when the ads ended and where the organic listings started… if they even did! <— if that the future of organic search results then things are going to only get extremely worse for both the consumer and for any business.

The fact of the matter is that google and other search engines are exploiting searchers by removing good small niche sites from the search results for reasons such as “spam” and replacing them with generalized big branded garbage… you can easily predict now what sites are going to come up when you search on google.. amazon, ebay Wikipedia and that is not what a search engine should be like… but google and the other do not care because all they are bothered about is to get more clicks on the ads at the top.. though people do not realize that the ads at the top are actually ads and that is the most worrying thing and why these greedy pigs are getting away with all of this.
-I think that the problem isn’t with googles penguin updates and how they value backlinks (semantic search that doe not rely on backlinks is the day automated article writers really start working) it is google greed that is the problem and how they are using penguin in such a way to fuel there greed and exploit.

Goodby knee pain once and for all! My plan!


So my knee still hurts and it has been a couple weeks now {my symptoms include pain in my knee and in my thigh and tightness in the tendon on the side of my knee}. I have been looking up what could be causing my this sudden onset of knee pain and found lots of useful stuff online including this article on the NHS website, plus this article also helped too though both these articles did leave me with hanging some what and I was still no closer how to stop it for good and I guess reading about something doesn’t really heal your knee only give you a bit of a headache afterwards. Though I think I now know what exactly Is causing the issue. I think that it has something to do with the Illio tibial band on my knee.  At first I though it cannot be a overuse injury can it? surely not I have not used my knees or my legs for that matter much in the last few years.. but after reading some more online I found out that weak supporting muscles and underused and under-stretched tendons can be tight and thus it is much more easy to get overuse injuries if you suddenly start up exercising like I did. I think that the best thing I could possibly do is to rest my knees for a little while and wait to the overuse injury goes away then I will slowly get back into running little by little to build up the strength and elasticity in my tendons to prevent this from happening again. Most of the stuff I read on the net said that I should also think about buying myself a knee support because the compression can help stop tightness in the tendons and thus stop overuse so I think that might be the next thing on my shopping list (however looking around most of the knee supports I have seen online are way to expensive!!! I’m unemployed with no cash to spare aaaah! So if i did buy one it better work!).

I could be completely wrong about my self diagnosis and all this could be down to something else that’s why if things don’t get better in a couple of weeks time I am definitely going to go see my GP about it all like the NHS article said to do…. which I also advise you to do if you are suffering form the same thing as me.

Just wanted to say

I gotta to say that at first all this physio research bored me to tears… I found it tedious and really confusing especially trying to understand all the bizarre Latin names of different tendons and ligaments  but after a while I have actually have learned quite a lot and it is really quite interesting how the human body actually works and just how complex it really is!

Went running today!

Okay I have decided to bite the bullet and finally go outside and run! My brother always is going jogging and this afternoon I decided to go with him… I could only get down to the bottom of the road without stitch, cramp and my lungs and legs aching like nobody’s business… with a whole hour of running to go. I made it though… even if that meant slowing my brothers pace right down to a snails pace. Now I am sat here resting and typing this out with my legs on fire and gasping for breathe.. I have never drank so much water before and never have felt this out of breathe but at the same time I have so much more energy.. I think because it has been such a long time my body just shut down and my brain wasn’t releasing chemicals to make me feel energetic simply because it had no reason to.. now I feel so alive it is great.. and now I know why people say running can be like a drug!

As I ran I realized that I’m so out of shape (even though physically I look fine, I guess appearances can really be deceiving) and I’m more determined than ever to get back in shape.. My knee was playing up again too as I ran..  so did my feet.. half ways through because the soles on my running shoes are awful and lack arch support it really did start hurting my feet and I really should try to get them sorted out some how either by buying some proper running shoes or just getting some sport insoles or something (though I am pretty tight and hate to spend money on anything if I can) but I had to keep on running and ignore the pain because being out in the country side and in the middle of nowhere means you cart give up or you will be stranded which kind makes running outside better than just on a treadmill where you can give up at anytime.. or have distractions like watching tv whilst you run and not push yourself.

Overall I really enjoy running today!!!! and beats treadmill as it is a adventure running in the great outdoors!

Ps, I am drenched in sweat!!!!!!!

Scotland wants independence I SAY LET THEM!

So Scotland wants independence away from the uk… that’s funny! After all Scotland is just like a leach… leaching our healthcare, education and whatever else it can. I say yes let them have their democratic vote to see if they want to stay or not and let us English folk have a vote to say if we even want them too! It is really funny that the Scottish independence party is wanting independence but also vows to join the EU straight after getting independence throwing away any real Independence…. remarkable isn’t it? Iv never really like Scotland being apart of the uk anyway.. it costs us to go to their universities but it doesn’t cost them anything for them to go to university in their country…. and who is footing that bill.. England of course.. Scotland doesn’t even have any spare oil left and its industries are failing so if you ask me England is better of without this leach. Labor are pretty concerned though because it means a large proportion of their voters will not be able to vote for them in the next general election…… At least we wont have any more rubbish Scottish prime minsters running England…. and just like the university thing English people cannot be prime ministers for Scotland…. the United kingdom union to me only works one way and that for the advantage of Scotland….. BYE BYE GOOD AND RIDDANCE!


Knee pain is getting better

The pain in my left knee seems to be getting a bit better after doing 3 sets of 60 body weighted squats. I think that they have really help loosen up my knees and given them some strength.. I did those yesterday and because my knees and legs are not used to any form of exercise at all lets just say my legs are well and truly dead today.. I struggle to walk down the stairs (pretty dangerous actually as my legs keep giving way) Oh well I guess it is a good sign.. means I did good! Hopefully if I keep this up my knee pain should totally go away. I am trying to build up the muscle in my legs because they are stick thin at the moment I hope that wont take too long… because I cant go running in shorts outside with legs like mine otherwise I would look right funny! Oh well making progress!!!! 😀

Even though I am thin.. I get out of breathe pretty quickly and it shows just how unfit I am when I do these cardio exercises…. I guess being thin doesn’t always mean you are healthy.. probably even worse than being slightly overweight.

Want to find a job in the uk? WELL YOU CANT!

I would like to also add something onto my last post about how I ranted on about the political situation right now in the Uk.

If you are living in the uk and are young at the moment and just finding your feet in the world.. things suck especially if you are looking for an okay job that pays enough for you to actually live! The way job hunting works at the moment in the Uk thanks to all the immigrants offering businesses super cheap labor means that it isn’t what you know it is who you know (lol kind of exactly how just about 100% of conservative mps get into power). This means that if you don’t know anyone expect to be going to a lot of job interviews and be shushed with the excuse that you don’t have enough experience… even for CRAPPY CRAP APPRENTICESHIPS  WHICH JUST INVOLVE YOU MAKING COFFEE AND ANSWERING PHONE CALLS….. I was actually rejected from a job at a garbage pharmacy apprenticeship working in their design sector which basically involved me not doing any designs which I am good at but instead just making tea and answering phone calls……… but I got my revenge on those twats.. I wont say any more.

Political rant: Tories are idiots!

I live in the Uk and lets just say that there is no democracy here and that the Tories have destroyed this country by privatizing just about everything in a effort to boost their friends bank accounts!!! Firstly let me explain why I think that the uk isn’t a democracy… we have a government in charge at the moment that is a coalition government… we have 3 main parties here in the uk the first is the conservatives then Labor and lastly the liberal democrats however some say that 3rd is ukip now. Anyway the conservatives couldn’t win on their own so they joined forces in a coalition with the liberal democrats (which by the way you would have thought would have totlly different and conflicting political views but I guess not) I think this is just plain wrong….. but I guess because all three main parties are identical it really does not matter at all. Also we are part of the eu. WHICH WE DID NOT EVEN VOTE TO BE IN!!!!!!!!!! I REPEAT WE DID NOT VOTE TO BE IN THE EU YET THEY MAKE UP RULES AND BRING IN TONS OF IMMIGRANTS INTO OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!

The second part of my rant is about the Tories privatizing just about everything they can.. selling tax payers built up company’s that even hold monopolies in the infrastructure of the uk such as the post office and the daily mail selling them off cheap to foreign investors who then suck these company dry and use the monopoly these company have to drive up prices!!!!!! The tories are betrayers to this country and should be kicked out of parliament.

I think the next target on the Tories list is to privatize the NHS…… “the plebs can pay for their own healthcare or die” I can just imagine the Tories twats saying that in their secret meetings doing goodness knows what.




Sorry about my bad grammar I just wanted to get this off my chest and im in a bit of a hurry…. but my points are still very valid!


Need some motivation please

So it is day 1 of my fitness plan.. I have managed to scribble down on a piece of paper a little table of what I plan on doing through out the week.. what I plan to eat (need at least 200 calories of good healthy food no junk or sugary artificial food) and what exercises I pan on doing.. but no doubt I will lose this piece of paper just like I seem to lose everything and then I will slowly get tired and out of breathe of even thinking about starting to exercise and then I just wont bother….. I hope that doesn’t happen but more than likely it will! I need something to keep me motivated but how?

I honestly believe that motivation is 70% of the battle when it comes to exercise…. if you are truly lazy like me then your doomed unless you find it! Maybe I just need to broaden my horizons and do more in life which may help…