New year!!!!

Hoorah its the new year.. new beginnings and all of that.. erm yeah maybe not. Most people start getting healthy this time of year but not me I started a while back now iv had a couple problems to when I started (bad feet and bad knees) which kind of made it difficult for me but I kept with it and Im actually making good progress… iv got bigger muscles than I have ever had and feel a lot more healthier (not out of breathe just doing little things anymore) however Im still a pretty tired person all of the time… and I am starting to think the whole idea that the more active you are the less tired you feel is kind of wrong… it is right in some respects but I think that how tired you feel is more connected to your state of mind and if you suffer from depression you can be the healthiest and most active person around but still feel very tired.. all of the time.

Anyway 2015 hopefully will be a good year for me and I am for sure going to be keeping up with my exercises.

On another note crap google hasn’t even been indexing this blog so I am not even sure if anyone will ever find this blog seeing as though google has monopoly over the internet and finding sites stupid bastards!