Went running today!

Okay I have decided to bite the bullet and finally go outside and run! My brother always is going jogging and this afternoon I decided to go with him… I could only get down to the bottom of the road without stitch, cramp and my lungs and legs aching like nobody’s business… with a whole hour of running to go. I made it though… even if that meant slowing my brothers pace right down to a snails pace. Now I am sat here resting and typing this out with my legs on fire and gasping for breathe.. I have never drank so much water before and never have felt this out of breathe but at the same time I have so much more energy.. I think because it has been such a long time my body just shut down and my brain wasn’t releasing chemicals to make me feel energetic simply because it had no reason to.. now I feel so alive it is great.. and now I know why people say running can be like a drug!

As I ran I realized that I’m so out of shape (even though physically I look fine, I guess appearances can really be deceiving) and I’m more determined than ever to get back in shape.. My knee was playing up again too as I ran..  so did my feet.. half ways through because the soles on my running shoes are awful and lack arch support it really did start hurting my feet and I really should try to get them sorted out some how either by buying some proper running shoes or just getting some sport insoles or something (though I am pretty tight and hate to spend money on anything if I can) but I had to keep on running and ignore the pain because being out in the country side and in the middle of nowhere means you cart give up or you will be stranded which kind makes running outside better than just on a treadmill where you can give up at anytime.. or have distractions like watching tv whilst you run and not push yourself.

Overall I really enjoy running today!!!! and beats treadmill as it is a adventure running in the great outdoors!

Ps, I am drenched in sweat!!!!!!!

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