Want to find a job in the uk? WELL YOU CANT!

I would like to also add something onto my last post about how I ranted on about the political situation right now in the Uk.

If you are living in the uk and are young at the moment and just finding your feet in the world.. things suck especially if you are looking for an okay job that pays enough for you to actually live! The way job hunting works at the moment in the Uk thanks to all the immigrants offering businesses super cheap labor means that it isn’t what you know it is who you know (lol kind of exactly how just about 100% of conservative mps get into power). This means that if you don’t know anyone expect to be going to a lot of job interviews and be shushed with the excuse that you don’t have enough experience… even for CRAPPY CRAP APPRENTICESHIPS¬† WHICH JUST INVOLVE YOU MAKING COFFEE AND ANSWERING PHONE CALLS….. I was actually rejected from a job at a garbage pharmacy apprenticeship working in their design sector which basically involved me not doing any designs which I am good at but instead just making tea and answering phone calls……… but I got my revenge on those twats.. I wont say any more.

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