Search engines suck!

So many of us are hating google at the moment for ruining small business but other search engines are no better if not even worse!

I did a simple product search on yahoo¬† and all the organic listings are way way below the fold and I had to scroll down….. I think they were organic listings I couldn’t tell whatsoever when the ads ended and where the organic listings started… if they even did! <— if that the future of organic search results then things are going to only get extremely worse for both the consumer and for any business.

The fact of the matter is that google and other search engines are exploiting searchers by removing good small niche sites from the search results for reasons such as “spam” and replacing them with generalized big branded garbage… you can easily predict now what sites are going to come up when you search on google.. amazon, ebay Wikipedia and that is not what a search engine should be like… but google and the other do not care because all they are bothered about is to get more clicks on the ads at the top.. though people do not realize that the ads at the top are actually ads and that is the most worrying thing and why these greedy pigs are getting away with all of this.
-I think that the problem isn’t with googles penguin updates and how they value backlinks (semantic search that doe not rely on backlinks is the day automated article writers really start working) it is google greed that is the problem and how they are using penguin in such a way to fuel there greed and exploit.

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