Scotland wants independence I SAY LET THEM!

So Scotland wants independence away from the uk… that’s funny! After all Scotland is just like a leach… leaching our healthcare, education and whatever else it can. I say yes let them have their democratic vote to see if they want to stay or not and let us English folk have a vote to say if we even want them too! It is really funny that the Scottish independence party is wanting independence but also vows to join the EU straight after getting independence throwing away any real Independence…. remarkable isn’t it? Iv never really like Scotland being apart of the uk anyway.. it costs us to go to their universities but it doesn’t cost them anything for them to go to university in their country…. and who is footing that bill.. England of course.. Scotland doesn’t even have any spare oil left and its industries are failing so if you ask me England is better of without this leach. Labor are pretty concerned though because it means a large proportion of their voters will not be able to vote for them in the next general election…… At least we wont have any more rubbish Scottish prime minsters running England…. and just like the university thing English people cannot be prime ministers for Scotland…. the United kingdom union to me only works one way and that for the advantage of Scotland….. BYE BYE GOOD AND RIDDANCE!


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