Political rant: Tories are idiots!

I live in the Uk and lets just say that there is no democracy here and that the Tories have destroyed this country by privatizing just about everything in a effort to boost their friends bank accounts!!! Firstly let me explain why I think that the uk isn’t a democracy… we have a government in charge at the moment that is a coalition government… we have 3 main parties here in the uk the first is the conservatives then Labor and lastly the liberal democrats however some say that 3rd is ukip now. Anyway the conservatives couldn’t win on their own so they joined forces in a coalition with the liberal democrats (which by the way you would have thought would have totlly different and conflicting political views but I guess not) I think this is just plain wrong….. but I guess because all three main parties are identical it really does not matter at all. Also we are part of the eu. WHICH WE DID NOT EVEN VOTE TO BE IN!!!!!!!!!! I REPEAT WE DID NOT VOTE TO BE IN THE EU YET THEY MAKE UP RULES AND BRING IN TONS OF IMMIGRANTS INTO OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!

The second part of my rant is about the Tories privatizing just about everything they can.. selling tax payers built up company’s that even hold monopolies in the infrastructure of the uk such as the post office and the daily mail selling them off cheap to foreign investors who then suck these company dry and use the monopoly these company have to drive up prices!!!!!! The tories are betrayers to this country and should be kicked out of parliament.

I think the next target on the Tories list is to privatize the NHS…… “the plebs can pay for their own healthcare or die” I can just imagine the Tories twats saying that in their secret meetings doing goodness knows what.




Sorry about my bad grammar I just wanted to get this off my chest and im in a bit of a hurry…. but my points are still very valid!


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