Need some motivation please

So it is day 1 of my fitness plan.. I have managed to scribble down on a piece of paper a little table of what I plan on doing through out the week.. what I plan to eat (need at least 200 calories of good healthy food no junk or sugary artificial food) and what exercises I pan on doing.. but no doubt I will lose this piece of paper just like I seem to lose everything and then I will slowly get tired and out of breathe of even thinking about starting to exercise and then I just wont bother….. I hope that doesn’t happen but more than likely it will! I need something to keep me motivated but how?

I honestly believe that motivation is 70% of the battle when it comes to exercise…. if you are truly lazy like me then your doomed unless you find it! Maybe I just need to broaden my horizons and do more in life which may help…


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