Knee pain is getting better

The pain in my left knee seems to be getting a bit better after doing 3 sets of 60 body weighted squats. I think that they have really help loosen up my knees and given them some strength.. I did those yesterday and because my knees and legs are not used to any form of exercise at all lets just say my legs are well and truly dead today.. I struggle to walk down the stairs (pretty dangerous actually as my legs keep giving way) Oh well I guess it is a good sign.. means I did good! Hopefully if I keep this up my knee pain should totally go away. I am trying to build up the muscle in my legs because they are stick thin at the moment I hope that wont take too long… because I cant go running in shorts outside with legs like mine otherwise I would look right funny! Oh well making progress!!!! 😀

Even though I am thin.. I get out of breathe pretty quickly and it shows just how unfit I am when I do these cardio exercises…. I guess being thin doesn’t always mean you are healthy.. probably even worse than being slightly overweight.

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