I hate hacker/spammers!!! go die!

Iv just had to update one of my websites because it had a vulnerable wordpress plugin on it. I bought a theme from a site called themeforest (they have some pretty amazing themes over there) but it is rather annoying that I had to go and update all my theme and plugin files because a responsive slider plugin and this loop hole in it that meant moronic hackers could get in some how and rip the wp-config file that basically has your database user name and password in it… which is really not good! Once a site gets compromised retarded hackers then use your site to sell ugg boots on…… why? for seo! It is a constant worry all webmasters face and the hackers are doing it more and more! Even if your site doesn’t get hacked the hacker spammer wont stop their at pissing people off Oh no they will randomly rip whole website content they find and post it on the hacked pages (millions of them)… this happened to one of my eCommerce sites that was then penalized for duplicate content issues by gogole and my businesses ruined because some retard from china wanted to use my sentences over and over again on hacked pages along with other peoples sentences!!!!! If I ever met one of these hacker/spammer I would break their neck! Lucky for them they use private or fake whois information on their counterfeit spam websites! But this is a warning for anyone thinking of doing this kind of thing.. If you do it to my sites I report your sites to google, the brands you are ripping off and to the authorities and continue to do so until you stop using my content.

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