Goodby knee pain once and for all! My plan!


So my knee still hurts and it has been a couple weeks now {my symptoms include pain in my knee and in my thigh and tightness in the tendon on the side of my knee}. I have been looking up what could be causing my this sudden onset of knee pain and found lots of useful stuff online including this article on the NHS website, plus this article also helped too though both these articles did leave me with hanging some what and I was still no closer how to stop it for good and I guess reading about something doesn’t really heal your knee only give you a bit of a headache afterwards. Though I think I now know what exactly Is causing the issue. I think that it has something to do with the Illio tibial band on my knee.¬† At first I though it cannot be a overuse injury can it? surely not I have not used my knees or my legs for that matter much in the last few years.. but after reading some more online I found out that weak supporting muscles and underused and under-stretched tendons can be tight and thus it is much more easy to get overuse injuries if you suddenly start up exercising like I did. I think that the best thing I could possibly do is to rest my knees for a little while and wait to the overuse injury goes away then I will slowly get back into running little by little to build up the strength and elasticity in my tendons to prevent this from happening again. Most of the stuff I read on the net said that I should also think about buying myself a knee support because the compression can help stop tightness in the tendons and thus stop overuse so I think that might be the next thing on my shopping list (however looking around most of the knee supports I have seen online are way to expensive!!! I’m unemployed with no cash to spare aaaah! So if i did buy one it better work!).

I could be completely wrong about my self diagnosis and all this could be down to something else that’s why if things don’t get better in a couple of weeks time I am definitely going to go see my GP about it all like the NHS article said to do…. which I also advise you to do if you are suffering form the same thing as me.

Just wanted to say

I gotta to say that at first all this physio research bored me to tears… I found it tedious and really confusing especially trying to understand all the bizarre Latin names of different tendons and ligaments¬† but after a while I have actually have learned quite a lot and it is really quite interesting how the human body actually works and just how complex it really is!


  1. I remember that you were telling me about this the other day.. I thought that you were just being lazy about it and was making the whole thing up because you didn’t want to go running but I guess not! When I had this kind of thing the best thing for it is to do more exercise than ever but like you say do it safely and progressively increase the amount of work your knees have to do to stop over use injuries.. so your plan is spot on id of thought! Good luck!

  2. I had something like that but not exactly like that. It was something wrong with the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee.. plus something also wrong with the shock absorbing menisci between the two bones in my knee joint was wearing away and causing me really bad pain whenever I bent my knee which was caused by overuse of my knee (so be careful)…. what worked in the end was a knee support which protected the menisci from further wearing away and now I can run (just about) again. :) hope that helps you. Greg.

  3. So are you saying that you have got what is known as illio tibial band friction or is is it that you have just pulled something in your thig that is causing you pain.. if the later that would mean that it may not be your illio tibial band and could be any of those tendons… but your cause of action is sport on so carry on!

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