Gonna try to get healthy.. I said try!

Iv not ran for a pretty long time.. in fact I don’t think I have been out running since I went to school and that was years ago.. and even then I wasn’t the most athletic of people… well there wasn’t many sport activities I could do and everyone was pretty nerdy and didn’t want to play football or any sport for that matter which is was a real shame!!! Iv been pretty distracted trying to build up a life for myself –tried out building a eCommerce website to try and make some money but that was a utter failure and a big waste of time.. not because of my fault but like I explain in my previous post some FUCKING PRICK from china selling cheap insert crap here built tons of counterfeit websites and decided he would use my content from my site to help promote his crap this in turn affected my search engine rankings and just totally destroyed my site on Google and wrecked the small income I was making (If I knew who this prick was I would probably get sent to prison).  Oh sorry I went on a rant.. I sometimes do that.. now what was I even talking about…. Oh yes something about getting back running again.

Well my plan is to get fit and healthy, but all my friends are pretty unhealthy and fat so I cannot play sports with them so I guess that it all up to me to make myself more healthy by setting up a gym in my garage and going out jogging when I can. But motivation is hard to come by and im really lazy so if I’m going to do this I’m going to have to make myself and exercise plan and make myself a playlist of some amazing songs (comment below if you have any suggestions of what songs I could add).  My knee is another problem.. I don’t know what has caused it..  but I get a clicking and niggling pain when ever I bend it.. its not super painful but it is really uncomfortable and makes exercise really hard after a while especially when you me and look for any excuse to stop. My knee problem cannot be caused by overuse because I hardly ever use my knees, so somehow I have gotta sort that out.. maybe I need a knee support or maybe I just need to use my knees more and they will strengthen up by themselves.

Ps I wonder if I have got any blog followers yet.. probably the answer to that is no. oh well!

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